About us

Founded in the middle of the Beaujolais vineyards, in the recording studios of the Hacienda, HLabs designs & manufactures state-of-the-art analog audio products, inspired by the sound of the most legendary consoles & outboards.

We don't think we need to revolutionize the way we work with sound, but rather design clever, simple tools that you will enjoy for a lifetime.
While "vintage fat sound" is often synonymous with tube circuits, we focus on classic audio transformers that offer iconic musicality - and do not require maintenance. API, Neve, Solid State Logic, Studer... are some of our inspirations, which we power-up with modern design & control capabilities.

Each knob you'll find has a simple and clear purpose - just turn it up and down, listen, and focus on music.

Our philosophy

Analog audio Tools
Our products are meant to be used.
Like a hammer or screwdriver, our audio tools go straight to the point: get the best sound in seconds and play it over the ages. Just plug in, twist the knobs and listen.
Hlabs PRE169 in a Neve 88VR console rack
Engineered for professionals
Professionals know how much details matter.
At HLabs, we've all worked in music - whether in the studio or on stage - and we know what can make your day better. We design each product the way we would like to use it, even for the smallest details : switchguard, locking powercord...
Built to last
Your HLabs gear will survive us.
Thanks to their modular design using mainly old school THT components, our products are robust and will be easily serviced for decades.


Offering a classic analog sound in our products doesn't mean no innovation is possible.
The last decades have seen many opportunities to improve sound and reliability. In every product we design, we put the best of both world, vintage & modern, so that you can enjoy world-class sound in the best conditions.
One of our most impressive feature is certainly the digitally controlled full analog gain stage. Behind its barbaric name lies a 21st century innovation that combines the perfect audio quality of an analog resistor network with the ultimate precision of a digital knob - all hidden behind a motorised potentiometer and it's hi-torque classic feeling.
A lot of potentiometers...

Meet the team

The company is driven by a team of music enthusiasts who made all their carrier in the pro-audio industry. What we do at HLabs is what we would like to find in our recording & mixing setups.
Jerome CHAMPLET - HLabs Founder
Jérome Champlet
Founder & CEO

After servicing audio equipment since 1992, Jerome decided to create his own brand (originally named Hacienda Labs), guided by the design of the most inspiring machines during his career.

Olivier COLLIER - HLabs CTO
Olivier Collier

Olivier is in charge of industrialisation and product design. He manages a team of local partners that allows us to (proudly) offer "Made in France" manufacturing for our (super-cool-looking) products.

Maurice HAZAN - HLabs Head of sales
Maurice Hazan
Head of sales

With over 25 years of sales experience in professional audio equipment, Maurice can guide you through the creation of the ideal setup, ensuring compatibility with your existing equipment.