Payment Methods

We accept a wide variety of payment methods to help you enter the HLabs users family and discover our high-end audio gears. Feel free to contact us for any question !
Leading platform for online payment, Stripe allows you to pay with your favorite debit or credit card, in a 100% secure way.

Surfing on Safari, you can also use directly Apple Pay through your web browser, or "Pay with browser" methods with other browsing software (Chrome, Firefox, Edge...).
Use Paypal to pay with your credit card or bank transfer.

You can also use the new Pay in 4X service for instant 4-months financing at 0% interest.
If you prefer to pay by traditional bank transfer, please contact us directly and we will send you a proforma for payment.

For public administrations in European countries, we offer a 30-day payment term. Please send us your official order form and we will take care of your order.
All our prices are shown without tax (ex-VAT).

🇫🇷 For French customers, the 20% VAT will be applied automatically at checkout.

🇪🇺 For private European customers, the French 20% VAT will be applied automatically at checkout.
If you are a professional with a valid VAT number, please add it in the "Additional notes" section of the order. You will receive a refund of the VAT before the order is shipped.

🗺For the rest of the world, taxes will be charged by the carrier depending on your country. Don't hesitate to contact us to ge more information.
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